Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where did you get the Sharpie?

Today is a busy day. A good friend is getting married next weekend, so we're celebrating her bachelorette today and tonight. Well, logistics were going to be tricky with babysitters, nap time, and me trying to be in Boston by 3. So, the best plan of action was to bring the kids to my mom's and nap them there and I could get ready while they napped.

So I'm hustling to pack everyone up to get to Nanny's. I put the girls in the car. They like to do "the top buckle" of their car seats by themselves. So I tell them to do their buckles while I get C. So, I go back in the house to get C and back out in the car M has buckled herself into A's carseat. No big deal because A is now psyched to sit in the "way back" of the minivan by herself. And A decides to celebrate by writing all over the interior of my 9 month old car with a Sharpie. I WAS IN THE HOUSE FOR 30 SECONDS.

AND A QUICK UPDATE FROM MY EARLIER POST - M threw the toy at C while he was sleeping. She blamed it on A but the truth came out while I was telling my mom what happened.

I'm so ready for my night out with my girls!!! I'm calling my little brother to come get me in Boston when I become legless. He just doesn't know it yet.


Jessica said...

Amazing!! I love your blog lauren!!!!!

Lisa said...

Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.