Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tummy Time?

I've been slacking with the baby and his tummy time. I'm reminded of this every time my brother's son, who is 2 weeks older than C, rolls over. Then last night, we watched a video of my cousin's baby in Wisconsin rolling over. She's a month YOUNGER than C. So I felt like a bad Mommy.

So this morning, while M & A were eating breakfast, I left C in the living room on his daddy's big quilt surrounded by toys. He did great. Kicking, head up, lots of cooing. Then the girls finished breakfast and asked to watch TV. Set them up on the couch, told them to leave C alone. C had so much fun on his belly, he passed out! First time sleeping on his belly. Again, I told his sisters "LEAVE HIM ALONE".

Silly me left the room to call my mom. Chit chatting with my mom about my guilt of having to "pump & dump" three Saturdays in a row when I hear a high pitched scream coming from C. Well, A decided it was time for him to wake up and threw a plastic "Little People" off his head. THIS IS WHY I HAVEN'T LEFT THE POOR KID ON HIS TUMMY.

We'll try again tomorrow.

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