Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where Does the Time Go...

I know I suck. I don't know why I ever stopped writing here. It was a HUGE stress relief. Kids are 18 months older since the last time I wrote. So much has changed/progressed/evolved, but I'm not going there. I'm just going to continue as if no time has passed. Although I will say that both M & A are FINALLY successfully potty trained.

Its 8:48 and they're all awake and having a party in their room. Literally. Probably has something to do with the M&M's my mom gave them at 7:45. Thanks!

Power Wheels, wicked good idea for Christmas presents. M really wanted one and that's all she asked Santa for these past few months. We break down and get her a Jeep. My parents decide to gift A & C Power Wheels as well. A got a giant 4Wheeler (honestly, the thing is amazing and I want one) C got a mini 4Wheeler that he can operate with his thumb. Christmas morning/afternoon was nice enough that everyone got to take a spin on their new toy in the backyard. All was fine and dandy until A drove hers into the pit/ditch/wooded area behind my parents house. Scraped eye and bruise on cheek for Christmas! Apparently turning/stopping/taking your foot off the pedal are not concepts a 3 year old understands. She's alive, that's all that matters.