Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nap time...

Quite possibly the best time of the day. But its only good if all 3 are sleeping at the same time. I put the girls down at 1 today, told them they needed good rests so we can go play with K today. Now its 1:45 and they're still in their room playing. I've already been in there twice to tell them to go to sleep. And each time I've had to remove M from A's crib. Now A is screaming "DAMN IT" and kicking the wall. I don't even want to go in there because I won't be nice. C is waking up and going to be looking for boob. And I have about 6 loads of laundry to do. Todd informed me he has no clean socks.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today is my first attempt at blogging. I've decided to blog about my lovely children.

I love my children and they keep me busy. Today was no exception. We wake up between 7am & 8am every day. By 830 this morning the girls were eating breakfast, C was napping, and I was sitting at the kitchen table pumping (Yes, I'm breast feeding the baby). I'm attached to my pump and trying to enjoy a cup of coffee. A decides she is done with her oatmeal and would like to play with the pump. This does not go over well and the end result is spilled hot coffee on me, my Ipod and the floor. Thanks Al! Great way to start the morning.

About an hour later as I have now successfully finished a new cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal, C is waking up and is ready to eat. The girls are playing in the Family Room rather nicely and I haven't heard too much from them. I grab C and head for our favorite spot on the couch. When we get to the couch, it is covered in what looks like sand. After looking closer and having a few choice words for the foreign substance on my cushions, I see a box of opened orange Jell-O on the floor. After a brief inquisition, its been established that A is the culprit. Off to her crib she goes so I can clean the mess. Oh wait, but the baby is now screaming and needs to eat. So we sit in the Jell-O and I feed him. As I feed I get on the phone and beg my aunt to come rescue me. She laughs, but agrees and she is on her way.

The baby finishes, I put him in his Bumbo and I grab the vacuum. One thing I'm so happy I've done over the years is invested in a good vacuum. Put the "brush" attachment on and the clean up only takes a few minutes. A is still in her crib demanding to be let out, but I'm really mad and I can't get her yet.

Aunt J. arrives. A gets to come out of her crib. I take M and we go to the gym. MUCH NEEDED STRESS RELIEF. My girls frequent the Child Care Watch at our local YMCA. The ladies that work there are lovely and I can work out in peace. I get half a work out in when one of the woman comes into the gym looking for me. M has peed her pants. SERIOUSLY. So home we go.

And its only 1130.