Thursday, July 22, 2010

"I Wipe My Own A$$"...

One of my all time favorite movies is Big Daddy. Adam Sandler movies can be pretty corny and ridiculous, but I love Big Daddy. I love when little Frankenstein yells in court "But I wipe my own ass!"...

So this morning M has another poop issue (AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH) and I'm pumping and tell her she has to wait for me to finish before I can clean her. Well, she enlists the help of A. M sends A to get the wipes (M is on the toilet). After a few minutes, M comes running out "I did it! I wiped myself! I'm all clean!" And all I could think of was Frankenstein.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Walking Buckets...

C is 6 months old! HOLY CRAP! He is a tank, weighing in at 18.1 lbs, friggin love it! As I'm leaving the pediatrician's office with him, Todd calls...

Todd - "When you take them to the store, do they listen to you?"

Lauren - "Well, where did you take them, and did you put them in a carriage?"

Todd - "We were at Lowes, and I thought I was being nice letting them run around."

NEVER let them run around, its never a good idea. (Only time its a good idea is rainy days at the mall with other kids). Anyway, Todd is actually trying to get help from someone at Lowes because he's got a few home improvement projects to complete. He is talking to nice gentleman who gives the girls two giant buckets to sit on while they grown-ups continue their conversation. Well, Todd and the man turn around to look at something and when they turn back, the girls are gone, and the buckets have moved. And then they move again. My darlings were hiding under the buckets and running around with buckets over their heads.

A discovered a diving board today. Good times. After watching her little sister master it, M decided she liked the diving board too. Oh man.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My MAC is pissing me off

I've been trying to upload videos for 2 days. My MAC is being a bitch for the first time ever and not allowing me to do so. The little thing on the bottom keeps jumping up & down telling I need upgrades. However, that requires a password and I have NO IDEA how to go about that. Great.

Tonight at dinner I finally just turned my head, looked out the window and laughed because of the insanity surrounding me. C was sitting in his bumbo covered in sweet potatoes but smiling away. A was again throwing her food on the floor and refusing to eat it. M was attempting to lick the edges of the butter dish and Todd says to her "I am way past my thresh hold for stupidity tonight, knock it off" as he moved the dish away from her - thats when I lost it. Then A ended up under the table talking to herself "Bad Daddy, moving the butter..." as she is coloring the power cord to the MAC.

I only choked on my food once from laughter.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Its been awhile...

So we've had a busy couple of weeks.

Lots of time spent in Manomet. Lots of cuts and scrapes on the kiddos feet and legs because of rocks on the beach.

A has decided she would like to get serious with the potty training. My lazy ass just has to commit to it.

C has decided he will no longer sleep through the night. I thought he was just hungry. Started feeding him food (he loves sweet potato) however, he is still getting up twice every night. Great.

M still won't poop. I have no words because none of them are nice.

Todd & I went back to Colorado and had a great time with some old friends. Denver is awesome and I wish there was an ocean there and my family was closer so we could live there.

We've decided to hire a realtor/stager and put the house on the market. We're going to keep our fingers crossed, sell this little house, and then move in with Linda & Paul while we find what we need...