Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Walking Buckets...

C is 6 months old! HOLY CRAP! He is a tank, weighing in at 18.1 lbs, friggin love it! As I'm leaving the pediatrician's office with him, Todd calls...

Todd - "When you take them to the store, do they listen to you?"

Lauren - "Well, where did you take them, and did you put them in a carriage?"

Todd - "We were at Lowes, and I thought I was being nice letting them run around."

NEVER let them run around, its never a good idea. (Only time its a good idea is rainy days at the mall with other kids). Anyway, Todd is actually trying to get help from someone at Lowes because he's got a few home improvement projects to complete. He is talking to nice gentleman who gives the girls two giant buckets to sit on while they grown-ups continue their conversation. Well, Todd and the man turn around to look at something and when they turn back, the girls are gone, and the buckets have moved. And then they move again. My darlings were hiding under the buckets and running around with buckets over their heads.

A discovered a diving board today. Good times. After watching her little sister master it, M decided she liked the diving board too. Oh man.

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