Saturday, July 10, 2010

Its been awhile...

So we've had a busy couple of weeks.

Lots of time spent in Manomet. Lots of cuts and scrapes on the kiddos feet and legs because of rocks on the beach.

A has decided she would like to get serious with the potty training. My lazy ass just has to commit to it.

C has decided he will no longer sleep through the night. I thought he was just hungry. Started feeding him food (he loves sweet potato) however, he is still getting up twice every night. Great.

M still won't poop. I have no words because none of them are nice.

Todd & I went back to Colorado and had a great time with some old friends. Denver is awesome and I wish there was an ocean there and my family was closer so we could live there.

We've decided to hire a realtor/stager and put the house on the market. We're going to keep our fingers crossed, sell this little house, and then move in with Linda & Paul while we find what we need...

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