Monday, May 31, 2010

So much for a relaxing weekend...

Happy Memorial Day!

We're at the beach, we love the beach! Community living with the extended family is awesome because my kids are spoiled by everyone who loves them so much.

However, by Saturday afternoon M had a fever of 102.9 - good times. Started pumping her full of fluids and motrin. She was up all night Saturday night, eventually having an accident on the bedroom floor.

If M was sleeping, A was up because she was having nightmares. She was yelling in her sleep "No! I don't want to wash my hair!" And then "No M! Get off of me!".

And then if both girls were asleep, C would decided he was hungry and was demanding to be breastfed.

Sunday was better. M's fever went down to 102.3, everyone took a great nap from the lack of sleep the night before and I even got to lay in the sun and get some much needed color.

Then Sunday night came and everyone went to bed happy and healthy. Yeah right. A decided she would stay up all night puking. WTF. And then this morning M woke up with pink eye.

Happy Memorial Day!

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Lisa said...

I'm so sorry about the pink eye :(