Sunday, May 23, 2010

Please shut the door...

When I was about 10 it dawned on me that when my mom had to "powder her nose" she always left the door open. One day I asked her why she did this. She informed me it was habit because when we were little she couldn't shut the door for fear something would happen to us. Easier to have the door open and watch our every move. Now I was only about 10 when we had this conversation and of course I thought she was ridiculous.

Fast Forward 20 years later and I'm "powdering my nose" with the door open everyday because my kids are crazy. Awesome.

Foot Note - soon after our conversation, Linda started shutting the door. She no longer keeps the door open (unless she's babysitting my kids)

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estanton said...

just catching up on my favorite family. give my buddies kisses from auntie em!!!