Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is that smell...

A few weeks back I invested in a $0.99 spray bottle to help with A's unruly hair. Great investment, makes "styling" the hair so much easier. Well, M & A LOVE the spray bottle and LOVE to play with it, which usually results in very wet children and very wet floors. So I TRY to make sure it is out of their reach, but that doesn't always happen.

Its been kind of chilly here in New England the past few days, and I refuse to put the heat back on. So they have a high tech space heater in their room for nap and bed time. LONG STORY SHORT...its nap time, C and I are on the couch feeding (I swear that's all we do these days) and I can smell something funny. Its a smell I recognize, but its not registering in my brain quickly enough (may have still been slightly hung over from Burgoyne's wedding).

When I finally do register the smell, I toss poor C on the couch and RUN into the girls room. I find my little angels spraying the space heater and laughing hysterically as it smokes. FML. So no more space heater, they can freeze. And how the hell did A get out of the crib without me knowing? This could be serious trouble.

And just to clarify, it really is a high tech space heater, its more or less a fan that blows hot air. Its not like one of those box looking things with heated coils, I would never leave anything like that around for my angels to burn themselves. And lets face it, if I did, my house really would burn down.

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