Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stay Home You Idiot!

M is a big girl. She's 5 and its scary. Over the weekend she told me she wanted a PB&J for lunch. I was changing a diaper or wiping a nose or something to that effect and was not moving fast enough for her. So M went to the cabinet, got the peanut butter, went to the fridge and got the jelly and then got herself one slice of bread. I'm watching her and looks up and says "I'm getting a spoon because I shouldn't use a knife." as she proceeds to get a spoon out of the utensil drawer. And then she made herself a sandwich. Sigh. But I bet if I ever ask her to repeat the act, she'll pitch a fit and claim ignorance.

SPEAKING OF IGNORANCE...went to a birthday party over the weekend for a dear friend's little girl. Lots of kids ranging from 10 weeks to 5 years (M was the oldest, again, sigh...) So much going on, it was a great afternoon. At one point A needed to use the bathroom and she has been to this house many times and knows where the bathrooms are upstairs and down. She asks permission from the party host to use the bathroom upstairs. I watch her from the bottom of the stairs as she knocks on the door. She opens the door and there is a couple (whom I don't know) in there bathing their child...odd...but whatever. I wait until the party is over to ask my friend what that was all about.

Well, turns out the child vomited all over my girlfriend's dining room and an hour before that had diarrhea all over the changing table in my friend's daughter's room. The child's father then tells the party hostess that his kid has been throwing up all week but was feeling better so they thought he was fine. So that made it OK to bring your little germ bag to party with other kids, one being 10 weeks old!!! HELLO!

So I was upset, but another girlfriend was more upset and her exact words were "If me or my kid get sick I'm going to assault these people" and then "I'm going to have my kid puke in a bowl and leave it on their front lawn" - but really we all laugh it off just secretly hoping no one gets sick.

Well, C is sick. One gross diaper change and 2 episodes of projectile vomiting before bed. FML. Thanks for bringing your sick kid to a party, IDIOT!!!

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