Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh, hey Rondo!!

Made a deal with A today. She has been bugging me to buy Apple Jacks for about 3 weeks. So today I told her if she could go 3 days without a tantrum I would take her to the grocery store and buy her Apple Jacks. She agrees. I ask her what a tantrum is, she replies "When I whine and cry and kick my legs..." Deal lasted 30 minutes, I won. Maybe 3 hours was a more realistic goal.

Then we ran some errands with Nanny. We make a stop at McDonald's drive-thru to get the kids smoothies. From McDonald's we go to the Paper Store to do some exchanging. I stay in car with kids and Nanny goes into store. CJ starts yelling "Help" from the backseat because he spills the smoothy. Wonderful. I grab the wipes, go around to the other side of the car and start cleaning him up. I had a few choice words as I'm cleaning and then I notice a gentleman waiting to get into his car, but I was kind of in the way...I look up to Rajon Rondo. Awesome. I was so embarrassed at him overhearing my annoyance of cleaning up a 2 year old, than I sheepishly smiled and ran back to the driver's seat. But really, who gives a 2 year old a smoothy??? My bad.

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